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The lovely KESHCO was formed in the mid-1990s and play homemade British psychedelic pop music with a very personal lo-fi twist. Call it freak folk, indie electronic folk or what ever you prefer…Keshco stands up for them all.

The band are based in London and consists of Andy Brain, Robert Follen and Luke Sample. For the third year in a row they bring us a truly beautiful and brilliant Christmas gift. Enjoy.


Keshco - Real Sharp Twig

What was it like to be a student? Let’s ask Robert Follen, star of beat combo Keshco’s new video. "I don’t know, cos I kind of think um had I done it differently…" No regrets surely? “There’s no fixed end product - you’re led to believe that nearly every project that you’re doing is quite important, but at the end after you graduate you find there isn’t anything to go on to. Does that make sense?” Robert is 30.
(Mr Follen wishes to point out that he does now know who he loves.)

Hear the original song on the Keshco EP “The Power Of Hot Air” which is downloadable from www.23seconds.org/040.htm
Also visit: www.keshco.co.uk