23 Seconds Netlabel

EXPNR Sessions #1

Accoustic live performance
by the eminent and
innovative Turkish electronica duo Fuji Kureta, summer 2011.
The song is called “Finis-terre” and is included on the album “See-through which is available for free download at 23 Seconds Netlabel: WWW.23SECONDS.ORG 
Please also visit Fuji Kuretas´s Homepage or Blog where you can stay updated and download more music for free.

Video made by Yiğit Soncul and his crew:
Oğuzhan Akalın
Sinan Uğurdağ
Dou Orcan
Arda Tümer

FUJI KURETA - Accident (Clarinet Takeover Remix)

A video directed and created by two young talented Turkish artists Emre Sert and Gözde Yetişkin. The song was originally released on the Slovakian netlabel Gergaz.

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our latest release with this fine electronica duo that we released last month
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